The Harpswell Business Association wishes to thank all the contributors for the use of their excellent photographs in making this video. Special thanks goes to Tom Allen whose expertise and know-how turned the rough cut project into a polished piece. Thanks also to Eliott Cherry whose wonderful voice talent set the proper tone. Thank you to both Susanne Bane and Donna Dillman for helping and to Susan Horowitz for her common sense and patience.

Tom Allen The “Nubble” in Mackerel Cove
Grey Cottage w/ Adirondack chairs
Doris Ash Cyclists on Orr’s Island
D’Amelio Kids at Mackerel Cove
Jim Ash Holbrook’s Back Deck at Cundy’s Harbor
Susanne Bane Tom Conway, the Basket Man on Orr’s Island
Doug Bane carving a sea horse (hippocampus) at Gun Point Cove Gallery on Orr’s Island
Lois Bayless Treetop View at Ridgeview Lane
Susan Carlson Lobsterman Statue at Land’s End
Donna Coffin Red Roses Overlooking Mackerel Cove
Margi Greenhut Lone Kayaker at Dusk
George Kotuby 3 Kayakers Passing a Lobster Boat
Casco Bay Ferry Boat and Kayakers
Ed Johnson, Lobstering
George Malin Cribstone Bridge with blue & white Lobster Boat
Nora Malin Kayakers Arrive at Eagle Island
Elsa Martz Neighborhood Lobster Picnic
Patricia Moody Lookout Point through the Trees
Dick Moseley Harpswell Inn on Lookout Point
Mark Royall Aerial Photograph of Bailey Island ©
Judith Redwine Lobster Boat with Seagulls
Jane Samuelson Garden Shed near Stover’s Cove
Jay Sinnett Dawn Rises over Orr’s Island
Stacy Welner Cundy’s Harbor

Gail Kass
Ash Cove Pottery

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