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Harpswell Maine Historical Sites

Harpswell Maine is rich in history and historical sites. Follow the links below to learn more about these Mid Coast Maine treasures.

Harpswell MeetinghouseHarpswell Meeting House




The Harpswell Meeting House: The Harpswell Meetinghouse is a historic colonial meeting house on Maine State Route 123 in Harpswell, Maine. Built in 1757-59 to provide space for both religious services and town meetings, it is a little-altered and well-preserved example of a once-common form, and is the oldest such surviving building in the state of Maine. It was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1968

Bailey Island Cribstone Bridge



The Bailey Island Bridge: The Bailey Island Cribstone Bridge is a one of a kind in the world. Built in 1927 and held together with gravity alone, this engineering marvel is something to behold.

Eagle IslandEagle Island Maine




Eagle Island the site of the retirement home of the polar explorer Admiral Robert Peary (1856-1920). The island and home have been preserved as a Maine state historic site.

Half Way RockHalfway Rock Light House




HalfWay Rock Light House  is a lighthouse located on a barren ledge in Casco Bay, Maine. The lighthouse tower, which has a height of 76 feet (23 m), and the attached ex-boathouse are all that remain, as the other buildings have been taken away in storms.

Tarr Hackett HouseTarr Hackett House





The Tarr Hackett House was built around 1780, is one of the earliest surviving houses of the region.


Elijah Kellogg Church Elijah Kellog Church

The Elijah Kellogg Church is a historic Congregationalist church at 917 Harpswell Neck Road (Maine State Route 123) in Harpswell, Maine. Built in 1843, it is a well-preserved example of Greek and Gothic Revival architecture, and is further notable for its longtime association with Rev. Elijah Kellogg, a well-known 19th-century writer of children’s books. The church building was listed on theNational Register of Historic Places in 1979.