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Experience a day long class learning this hands on tradition while in Harpswell

Harpswell Maine Activities

Learn the craft of Wooden Spoon Carving in the enjoyable class in Harpswell Maine.

If you or anyone you know happen to find themselves in Harpswell for few days andlove to work with your hands, please join me in my studio for an experiential adventure

I have been running these classes for several years based on a Saturday, one day realizing that it is hard to accommodate out of town people with a specific date a class
may be running. I have received calls from people who wonder if I am running a class
when they are arriving on vacation and it is rare that those dates match up. So, I’m
offering another alternative that I hope gives those out of town people an opportunity,
especially if they find themselves facing a rainy forecast!

I need a minimum of two participants to be spontaneous in getting this together and require a 24 – 48 hour advanced notice. Also, I offer this as a week day event since weekends are harder for people to be spontaneous on.

Time: 9:30 am – 3:30 pm or when project is complete

The class focus is on getting familiar with a tool called a spokeshave. It is used to do all the preliminary outside shaping of wooden utensils. As this picture suggests, we will be making a scraping, spatular utensil. Because the hand tools used in this craft are very
sharp, safety is greatly emphasized.

Cost – $125.00 per person

Cost includes the use of all tools needed (sharpened and ready to go) as well as the material. The class supports each participant in making a completed project that is
ready to go home and be used in the kitchen.

Studio location is on Great Island in Cundy’s Harbor

To sign up call 725-9802 or email at

testimonial from class participant

“The day in the woodworking studio with Lynette was a gift all around! Lynette shared
her creative gift through her heartfelt teaching. Her depth of experience with and
feeling for the wood is truly inspiring. In the sweet atmosphere of her woodworker’s
space everyone in class gave the gift of their feedback and process to each other. I’ve
worked with wood for many years and I still marvel at how I could make such
an elegant tool out of a block of wood! The graceful form is in the heart; mine and the
wood’s, and Lynette was my guide to both for a whole wonderful day.”

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