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Harpswell Radio Station News:

Hello All,

We are making steady progress in constructing our radio station.  We have recently installed the “hardline” cable on the tower and in the coming days will be installing an antenna on it’s mounting 80 ft up in the air.  Work is continuing repairing and upgrading the components of our initial transmitting system and by the end of the month we will begin preliminary testing on air.

The electronics building is in the process of getting a “makeover” and before too long we will be able to connect electrical power and start installing equipment.  It’s been a slow process but with a small group of dedicated individuals we have been able to get to where we are today.

On Tuesday October 11 we will be hosting an introduction to radio and preliminary DJ training session at the Cundy’s Harbor Library.  The session will be 5:00 – 7:00 pm. The program will offer hands-on training with the equipment and time in front of a microphone.  If you’ve thought about the possibility of someday getting on the air, this is the time to come and see if it’s for you.  Everyone is welcome, even if you’d just like to observe.  Hope to see you there,




Please help support Harpswells new radio station. Donations can be mailed to the address below.


Mail address is PO Box 483 Harpswell 0407

Also on our website,, there is a donation button.

Here are some stats for the Harpswell Business Association Website for 2015


“The Harpswell Business Association’s goal is to promote the town’s unique attributes by
strengthening the community economically, socially and culturally, and enhancing the lives of its inhabitants.”


The Maine Tourism Association has a tour guide that it puts out every year and is seen by many thousands of people looking for a wonderful experience on this awesome state of ours. This year it has included in the 2013 tour guide a Maine Chocolate trail. A guided tour of the wonderful confectionary stores of the state of Maine. Written by  Hilary Nangle in her blog Maine Travel Maven,, Hilary has produced a wonderful tour for folks who want only the sweetest things that Maine Has to offer. Now for the important news associated with this Maine Tourism Association Guide Tour Book Chocolate Trail.

The Island Candy Company has been included in the list of delicious stops while traveling Maine. Orr’s Island was and of course Orr's Island Candy Company Harpswell MaineHarpswell will benefit by the travel listing of Melinda’s shop as one of the must stops to appease that sweet tooth and bout of crankiness that sometimes sets in while traveling for long distances.

The listing of the post reads:

The Island Candy Company, Orr’s Island

Melinda Richter’s dark chocolate-enrobed peanut brittle is reason enough to wind down Route 24 from Cooks Corner in Brunswick to The Island Candy Company. The Atlantic shimmers behind the shop, colorful perennials fill a garden in front of it. Inside, chocolates fill multiple cases, and many are made with her caramel. The turtles rival the peanut brittle, and her toffees and barks, especially the pistachio, are heavenly.

Congratulations to Melinda and her family and thank you for the attention you have brought to this wonderful part of our world. Keep making Maine a sweet place to be in, and thank you for the dark chocolate that brings me back to a good place when thing get tough.

Executive Summary



  • The Town received a      grant early in 2012 from the State Planning Office to review the Shoreland      Zoning town-wide.
  • The Board of Selectmen      created a Shoreland Zoning Taskforce in the spring of 2012 for the      review.  The taskforce consists of      business owners, fishermen, residents within the shoreland zone, several      other residents in town and representatives of the Town’s land use      committees.




The mission of the Taskforce was to review whether the current shoreland zoning reflects State law, particularly with respect to the Resource Protection designations, and whether it contains enough designated area to protect and maintain a viable fishing industry.  In addition, the Taskforce reviewed areas that may not be appropriately zoned for the land uses which are predominantly occurring or proposed to be in them.   Areas of concern include the southern side of Mitchell Field, Cundy’s Harbor business area, Land’s End, and the western side of Mackerel Cove.


How did the taskforce gather public input?

  • Public      feedback/workshops – The taskforce held three public workshops during the      summer of 2012 in four different areas of town and several public hearings      in November and December, 2012.


The ordinance amendments that are being put forth

  • Emphasize the town’s      commitment to protecting local fishing rights within the shoreland zone
  • Promote improved      access to the water forrecreation     and fishing
  • Protect water and      marine resources by increasing the restricted area for the elimination of      chemical fertilizer and manure application.
  • Reduce sideline      setbacks  on existing ROW’s to      facilitate functional use of community docks
  • Make changes in      language  to avoid confusion and to      be in alignment with state definitions


Ordinance Amendments

Shoreland Zoning Ordinance

  • Amends      the purpose statement to include/highlight the preservation and protection      of the maritime industry and uses including commercial fishing. – Section      1
  • Replaces the term      “maximum high water line” with “highest annual tide” – first in Section 3,      then throughout.
  • Replaces “water body”      with “great pond, stream, coastal wetland, and freshwater wetland” – first      in Section 3, then throughout.
  • Specifies “Principal      Use”  – Section 13.1.1
  • Adds “Community Shoreland      Access Special Exception” for improved access to the shore – added Section      13.1.2
  • Adds statement in      Shoreland Residential District description regarding home occupations and      commercial fishing. – Section 13.2
  • Allows review of 6 ft      commercial piers, docks, etc to be reviewed by CEO – Land Use Table, Uses 18.1      and 18.2
  • Adds Fertilizer to the      Land Use Table – Use 42
  • Reduces setbacks for community      piers, docks, and wharves and establishes setbacks for no shared access      parcels – Section
  • Removes setbacks for      seawalls and or retaining walls – Section
  • Clarifies boundaries      of Mitchell Field Business District – Section
  • Increases the setback      for fertilizer use – Section 15.21.1
  • Changes the setback      for community docks – Section 15.23.2
  • Change in acreage from      2 acres to 1 acre requirement for Shoreland Business


Definitions Addendum

  • Amends definition of      Community Dock
  • Adds definition of      Community Shoreland Access
  • Adds definition of      Highest Annual Tide (HAT)
  • Amends definition of      Salt Meadow, Shoreland Zone, Tidal Waters, and Wetland


Shoreland Zoning Map

  • Commercial Fishing –      display the different zones, CF 1 and CF 2 to be consistent with      description in text
  • Cedar Ledge – Residential      to Resource Protection
  • CrowIsland– Add Resource Protection, currently not zoned
  • Cundy’s Harbor –      Commercial Fishing to Business
  • Land’s End –      Residential to Business
  • LittleMarkIsland– no zoning to Resource      Protection
  • Lookout Point –      Residential to Resource Protection
  • Stover’s Point – shift      shoreland zone to match property lines and shoreland definition and change      Town Landing at end of Stover’sCove        Rd.from SR to CF1
  • Ash Point/Basin Cove –Residential      to Commercial Fishing  at entrance      to cove
  • Seymour Rd– Residential to Commercial Fishing


Summary of Proposed Acreage Amounts in each Zoning District



2011   Acres

%   Total

2012   Acres

%   Total


%   Change














Commercial   Fisheries Marine Activities (includes both 1 and 2 for 2012 Update)







Eagle Island Historic







Mitchell   Field Marine Business







Resource   Protection







Shoreland   Business







Shoreland   Residential







Tower   District














Additional acreage in 2012 zoning is due to the addition of Crow   Island, Cedar Ledge, and Little Mark Island.

Weds, January 9th at 7 pm

at the Harpswell Inn on Lookout Point Road

Harpswell Business Association’s Monthly Business Meeting

HBA’s 2013 Budget will be discussed

Listen to the Issues • Join the Discussion • Help decide our future

Old and New members always welcome * Now accepting renewal memberships for 2013

Why not get involved? * What are you waiting for?

Lend a Hand, Join a Committee, Take Notes, Be a Board Member, We can’t do it without YOU!

fmi: Contact any Board member with future agenda items or concerns:

Deb Wolfenden, The Common Table B&B and Event Center, Donna Dillman, The Captain’s Watch B&B and Sailing Charter,, Doug Bane, Gun Point Cove Gallery,, Gail Kass, Ash Cove Pottery,, Hank Thorburn, THOR Construction,, John Halpin, Tile from Away,, Richard Moseley, President, The Harpswell Inn,, Roy Tassinari, Belleview by the Sea,

The next Executive Board Meeting is Feb. 6th and next general membership mtg is Feb. 13th. Location: tba

Coop advertising •  Too much or not enough? • What do you think?

Watch for the next Public Forum on Harpswell’s Economic Development Plan • fmi: 207-833-5509 & 207-833-6004

Mingle, Catch Up, Bring your Business Cards! Coupons, Promotions and Brochures • Remember to restock the Information Kiosk in the Town Office Foyer

Remember: The Amtrak Nor’Easter is HERE so get your brochures to the Brunswick Train Station pronto!

The Bandstand Committee is selling long-lasting, engraved bricks for the path at Mitchell Field, $50 each. fmi: Bob Modr, 833-2815

Please welcome our newest HBA members: Tom Trytek & Sons, and the Mingo Club

Got any information about any upcoming special events? Received any awards, promotions?

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Promote Harpswell! “Buy Local, Buy Harpswell”

The Harpswell Business Association’s goal is to promote the town’s unique attributes by strengthening the community economically, socially and culturally, and enhancing the lives of its inhabitants.


Attached are all the ordinance amendments for next week’s public hearing which is on Wednesday night at 6:30pm at the town office.  The proposed map changes are on a board in the town office foyer and are too large to send via email.






Carol (Tukey) Eyerman

Town Planner


Town of Harpswell

P.O. Box 39

Harpswell, ME 04079

207-833-5771 x 127

The holiday season is here in the coastal town of Harpswell Maine. There are many great shops in the town selling the perfect one of a kind gift for that hard to shop for person in your life. Harpswell also boasts many local studios and galleries with outstanding artwork and one of a kind crafts. Some of the fine restaurants are still open and serving delicious food. A few wonderul Inns still have their doors open. A number of the local merchants have come together with a “Holidays In Harpswell” event

Holidays In Harpswell Rack Card

There will be many great deals and special offerings during this event. Call if you would like to receive more information about the “Holidays In Harpswell” event

What ever your need is for that special person during the holiday season, you can find it in Harpswell Maine. Unique gifts, restaurants, arts, crafts and accommodations are all here waiting for you in the wonderland of the Maine mid coast.

The Harpswell Business Association wishes to thank all the contributors for the use of their excellent photographs in making this video. Special thanks goes to Tom Allen whose expertise and know-how turned the rough cut project into a polished piece. Thanks also to Eliott Cherry whose wonderful voice talent set the proper tone. Thank you to both Susanne Bane and Donna Dillman for helping and to Susan Horowitz for her common sense and patience.

Tom Allen The “Nubble” in Mackerel Cove
Grey Cottage w/ Adirondack chairs
Doris Ash Cyclists on Orr’s Island
D’Amelio Kids at Mackerel Cove
Jim Ash Holbrook’s Back Deck at Cundy’s Harbor
Susanne Bane Tom Conway, the Basket Man on Orr’s Island
Doug Bane carving a sea horse (hippocampus) at Gun Point Cove Gallery on Orr’s Island
Lois Bayless Treetop View at Ridgeview Lane
Susan Carlson Lobsterman Statue at Land’s End
Donna Coffin Red Roses Overlooking Mackerel Cove
Margi Greenhut Lone Kayaker at Dusk
George Kotuby 3 Kayakers Passing a Lobster Boat
Casco Bay Ferry Boat and Kayakers
Ed Johnson, Lobstering
George Malin Cribstone Bridge with blue & white Lobster Boat
Nora Malin Kayakers Arrive at Eagle Island
Elsa Martz Neighborhood Lobster Picnic
Patricia Moody Lookout Point through the Trees
Dick Moseley Harpswell Inn on Lookout Point
Mark Royall Aerial Photograph of Bailey Island ©
Judith Redwine Lobster Boat with Seagulls
Jane Samuelson Garden Shed near Stover’s Cove
Jay Sinnett Dawn Rises over Orr’s Island
Stacy Welner Cundy’s Harbor

Gail Kass
Ash Cove Pottery


Visit Admiral Peary's Home and Museum on Eagle Island in Harpswell

Admiral Peary lived on Eagle Island in Harpswell, Maine

The New Maps Are Here!!!

The new and improved 2012 Harpswell Map & Guide is here! You’ll find the Map & Guide in the front foyer in their Information Kiosk at the Harpswell Town Offices on the Mountain Road. You’ll find lots of 2012 Harpswell Map & Guides, local brochures and check out Harpswell’s new Outdoor Recreation Guide.

You can also find the Harpswell Map & Guide at: The Harpswell Inn, Cooks Lobster House,  the Captain’s Watch B&B and Ash Cove Pottery as well as many other fine establishments throughout Harpswell. Harpswell’s Map & Guide is also available at all seven Maine Visitors Centers, the Brunswick Train Station and the Bath Train Station/Information Center and the Southern Midcoast Chamber of Commerce. Please pick one up for yourself and another for your friends and family. You’ll find many wonderful businesses to frequent. Don’t forget to visit our scenic sites, walking trails, restaurants, galleries and local businesses. Get out on the water and enjoy all 216 miles of Harpswell’s coastline.

Tell your friends about us and please come back soon! Thank you.

Miles and miles of pristine coastline surround this quaint fishing village.216 miles of pristine shoreline & 200 picturesque islands dot Harpswell’scoastline,        Southern Midcoast Maine’s “Hidden Treasure”.




Harpswell Maine is the site of a great spoon carving class being offered by Lynette Breton Design.Spoon Carving Class in Harpswell Maine

In April, I had two fabulous Spoon Carving 101 classes and we had so much fun that I am going to try and offer this class once a month. At least when the weather is predictable, scheduling is more predictable. It is so satisfying to see students get inspired and walk away with something they completed in this one day Saturday class. AND, believe me, the spatula is the favored tool in the kitchen.
So, if you want to give an experiential gift to someone you love, want to gift yourself with a hands on creative, useful project (maybe you’ll gift your creation to someone else!) or want to get together with friends and fill a class (minimum 5 people) ,it is a great gift, great way to learn some hand tool skills and a great way to spend time in a day long learning community. The work is focused yet quiet enough with lots of time for one on one instruction. Plus, it is an absolute pleasure to shave away at wood and can be quiet meditative if that is the experience you want.
(And for those of you who have taken this class, please forward to someone you know would enjoy this fun filled day!)
The scheduled Saturday date is set by you, the students, and I coordinate setting that up with you and require 5 people to run a class. This is all done by email and pretty efficient  ending up accommodating every ones needs and available dates. Check out the enclosed poster and give me a call so we can start planning!
Thank you,
testimonial from class participant
“The day in the woodworking studio with Lynette was a gift all around!  Lynette shared her creative gift through her heartfelt teaching.  Her depth of experience with and feeling for the wood is truly inspiring. In the sweet atmosphere of her woodworker’s space everyone in class gave the gift of their feedback and process to each other. I’ve worked with wood for many years and I still  marvel at how I could make such an elegant tool out of a block of wood! The graceful form is in the heart; mine and the wood’s, and Lynette was my guide to both for a whole wonderful day.”

Lynette Breton Design

187 Oakledge Rd.
Harpswell, Maine 04079

Phone: 207-725-9802

The Federal Department of Labor (DOL) new tip credit reporting notification requirements went into effect May 5th. Employers must inform tipped employees of plans to take the DOL permitted tip credit. In Maine, that amount is currently $3.75\hr (50% of state minimum wage). To be safe, this should be done in writing. Employees must sign the acknowledging statement. See p.4 of the guidelines for suggested language.

Click to access 201105_tips_nra_guidelines.pdf