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Here is an update on the progress of our new Harpswell Radio Station.

Hello All,


We are making steady progress in constructing our radio station.  We have recently installed the “hardline” cable on the tower and in the coming days will be installing an antenna on it’s mounting 80 ft up in the air.  Work is continuing repairing and upgrading the components of our initial transmitting system and by the end of the month we will begin preliminary testing on air.


The electronics building is in the process of getting a “makeover” and before too long we will be able to connect electrical power and start installing equipment.  It’s been a slow process but with a small group of dedicated individuals we have been able to get to where we are today.


On Tuesday October 11 we will be hosting an introduction to radio and preliminary DJ training session at the Cundy’s Harbor Library.  The session will be 5:00 – 7:00 pm. The program will offer hands-on training with the equipment and time in front of a microphone.  If you’ve thought about the possibility of someday getting on the air, this is the time to come and see if it’s for you.  Everyone is welcome, even if you’d just like to observe.  Hope to see you there,




Please help support Harpswells new radio station. Donations can be mailed to the address below.


Mail address is PO Box 483 Harpswell 0407

Also on our website,, there is a donation button.

The Cribstone Bridge

The Cribstone Bridge

The Bailey Island Cribstone Bridge is a one of a kind in the world. Built in 1927 and held together with gravity alone, this engineering marvel is something to behold. I took my little boat to the bridge to give you a better look at what this bridge looks like and to see why it’s so amazing that it has withstood the elements for so many years. The current and tides not to mention the storms of the the Maine Coast have beaten on the bridge relentlessly for all these year. She stood up well and provided a safe access to Bailey Island.  The Cribstone Bridge is being repaired now. They have built a temporary bridge that runs along side of the National Landmark. The hope is to have the bridge back in use in 2010.

Temperary bridge behind the CribstoneTemperary bridge behind the Cribstone

Some 10,000 tons of granite were used in the project.

The design for the 1,150 foot bridge presented some unique problems because of the tides in the area. It was decided to build a crib bridge using granite slabs from nearby quarries, similar in design to a bridge that had been observed in Scotland and no longer exists. The granite slabs were sufficiently heavy enough to withstand the pounding of wind and waves and the open cribbing or cellular construction permitted the tide to ebb and flow freely with out increasing the normal tidal current to any great degree.

Inside wall of the spanInside wall of the span

The span between connecting the two towers has been removed for repairs.

On July 19th,1984 the Bailey Island bridge was dedicated as a historic civil engineering landmark, The bridge is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The next 100 YearsThe next 100 Years

We look forward to the rebirth of our Cribstone Bridge.

The best photos of the Cribstone Bridge can be taken on the point of Cook’s Lobster House.

The Cribstone Bridge was reopened to the public in November 2010. There were many speeches, ribbon cutting ceremony and an antique car parade crossing the bridge to open the way for public use once again.

New Cribstone Bridge Old CrossingOld Meets New

Harpswell Maine Historical Sites

Harpswell Maine is rich in history and historical sites. Follow the links below to learn more about these Mid Coast Maine treasures.

Harpswell MeetinghouseHarpswell Meeting House




The Harpswell Meeting House: The Harpswell Meetinghouse is a historic colonial meeting house on Maine State Route 123 in Harpswell, Maine. Built in 1757-59 to provide space for both religious services and town meetings, it is a little-altered and well-preserved example of a once-common form, and is the oldest such surviving building in the state of Maine. It was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1968

Bailey Island Cribstone Bridge



The Bailey Island Bridge: The Bailey Island Cribstone Bridge is a one of a kind in the world. Built in 1927 and held together with gravity alone, this engineering marvel is something to behold.

Eagle IslandEagle Island Maine




Eagle Island the site of the retirement home of the polar explorer Admiral Robert Peary (1856-1920). The island and home have been preserved as a Maine state historic site.

Half Way RockHalfway Rock Light House




HalfWay Rock Light House  is a lighthouse located on a barren ledge in Casco Bay, Maine. The lighthouse tower, which has a height of 76 feet (23 m), and the attached ex-boathouse are all that remain, as the other buildings have been taken away in storms.

Tarr Hackett HouseTarr Hackett House





The Tarr Hackett House was built around 1780, is one of the earliest surviving houses of the region.


Elijah Kellogg Church Elijah Kellog Church

The Elijah Kellogg Church is a historic Congregationalist church at 917 Harpswell Neck Road (Maine State Route 123) in Harpswell, Maine. Built in 1843, it is a well-preserved example of Greek and Gothic Revival architecture, and is further notable for its longtime association with Rev. Elijah Kellogg, a well-known 19th-century writer of children’s books. The church building was listed on theNational Register of Historic Places in 1979.

Harpswell Maine Walking Trails And Beaches

Harpswell has some of the best hiking trails and beaches in Maine’s mid coast. Hidden treasures of sand and shells in sheltered coves dot the coastline. Clear cool waters of Casco Bay splash the beaches with their open vistas of the Maine coast. Hiking trails and paths of all types for hiking enthusiast line the shore and descend into the dark greens of the forest. Here is a list of what Harpswell has to offer the hiking and beach loving traveler.

Lands End Bailey Island Maine

Maine hiking on Bailey Island in the town of Harpswell

Lands End is a fantastic place to see Maine and its many faces. You may be looking for the rugged Maine coast with cliffs and granite rocks jetting to the edge of the sea. You may be looking for a beautiful sand beach to stroll along and enjoy the sounds of the sea. Walking paths with vistas that will take your breath away. You can watch the lobster men pulling their traps or view the brightly colored spinnakers of sailing vessels as they glide past the tip of the Island.

Maine beach on Bailey Island in the town of Harpswell

Maine hiking trail on the shoreline

A bronze statue of the fisherman of the sea makes for a great picture opportunity for you.

Before or after your time on the point of Lands End, don’t forget to visit the gift shop. One of the largest on the coast of Maine. The Lands End Gift Shop has great Maine gifts as well as local artisan crafts and pictures.

For a wonderful day on the Maine Coast drive on down to Lands End on beautiful Bailey Island

The Long Reach Trail In Harpswell, Maine

Hiking the deep forests of MaineMaine bogs are are home to many creatures
The Long Reach Trail in Harpswell  starts at the ball field on rt 24. A medium hard walking trail with some steep banks leading down to the water. You are first introduced to the beautiful deep woods of Harpswell and slowly descend to the fabulous bogs that are abundant with beautiful plant life. Walking up out of the bogs on well made wooden walkways you are suddenly in a the deep woods again. Lush and green with some very interesting wild growth. There are sturdy stone walls along the path marking boundaries of times gone by. You start to ascend  the hill that creates the eastern wall of the water inlet separating the Cliff trail and the Long Reach Trail. The decent is a bit steep and the leaf cover made it a bit slippery and hard to see the trail, so where good gripping footwear and go slow. Once down to the bottom of the hill you have great views of the inlet and cliffs. We were there at low tide and saw clams being dug up near the island in the middle of the inlet. The path travels along the inlet for a ways and is a great spot to relax and enjoy the beauty of the spot. Now traveling up away from the inlet you are treated to some of the most wonderful plant life and rock formations existing side by side or intertwining in harmony. Up and down a few small hills and down to another bog. White cotton like plants filled this bog and contrasted the lush green surrounding it. It was a marvelous sight. On the other side we met up with the loop again and made our way back  to the ball field. I love this trail with it’s many different features. I do need to warn you that it is a bit strenuous and the trail is in need of remarking. All in All I give this trail a B+.
Maine Rocks
Maine folk and Maine trees have a lot in common Maine Tree Growth
Forest life in Maine Forest paths
Ocean views in Maine
The Cliff Trail In Harpswell
Maine Mountain trails

The Cliff Trail in Harpswell is located just behind the town office on the Mountain Road. It is a trail of wonder that seems almost out of place on this stretch of land. You can park behind the town office and start your hike down a well kept picture perfect tidal inlet. The path goes in and out with the shore.The woods are deep and green with moss covering the fallen branches and stumps that are scattered along the way. As you go your way into the woods and leave the inlet behind a new world is revealed with large old pine trees towering overhead, allowing just a glimmer of light in. Ferns and reindeer moss cover the floor of this forgotten retreat. The trail is well marked with both white and yellow markers representing the two separate trails. My father in law, my dog ( ladybug )and I continued initially along the white marker trail. Up and down along a series of small hills and valleys till we came to a sign that stated we had truly entered a magical place. The sign said Fairy House Trail. In the deepest part of the wooded trail, if you looked carefully, were a large number of fairy houses that were constructed of various types of material. Wooden sticks, birch bark, moss, and even a fairy house with a stone roof. It was truly a magical sight to behold. I would have been satisfied with the walk if that had been the end of our trail but we had just begun to find the hidden treasures that were in store for us. We came upon the sign for the Cliff Trail loop and started our ascent to this magnificent overlook. Breathtaking views that can only be compared to some of the overlooks at Acadia National park. What a sight. The edge is very steep so you need to be careful and to keep your dog leached for their own protection. The trail followed this incredible stretch of cliffs for a good while and there were many places for resting and reflecting on the beauty of the place we live. From there we were led  back into the woods with it’s many wondrous sights that only the most preserved northeastern woods can provide to the hiker. I found it amazing that we were only minutes form the town office and the cross road we call mountain. The trail is well kept and fairly ease to walk. The two trails are about a total of 3 miles and can be done easily in a couple of hours. A must walk when in the Maine Mid Coast Area.

Maine stone bridges and water reflections on the coast

Harpswell Maine Cliff Trail view from the top

Beautiful Views in Maine

Skolfield Shore Trail in Harpswell, Maine

The Skolfield Trail is located on Rt.123. The Skolfield Shore Trail is a true treasure of the Mid Coast Maine Region. Maintained by the Harpswell Heritage Trust and loved by the local community. The trail has a little of everything. Deep woods with ferns and mushrooms to open fields with tall grass swaying with the gentle breeze to water front with breath taking views of the outer islands. The path is easy walking and has a lot of great features to it. Hand carved benches are located at beautiful overlooks. Rustic wooden bridges cross over steep banked valleys. The path is well marked and maintained. Wildlife abounds on the trail. Song birds, chipmunks and other native land animals make their home here. I would have to give this path an A for its ease to walk, combination of environments and beautiful views. I want to also thank the Harpswell Heritage Land Trust for maintaining this property so well.

Mackerel Cove, Bailey Island, Maine

Mackerel Cove is one of those places that post cards are made for. Working harbor, beach, field of grass. boats and docks. It has it all in this one tight little area. I was a little early for an appointment at the log Cabin Inn on Bailey Island. So I thought that It would be a good spot to kill some time. It was beautiful there. I walked the beach and snapped a couple of pictures. If your looking for a quick get away this is the perfect location.

The Giant Staircase Walking Path On Bailey Island, Maine

Bailey Island is rich with beautiful vistas, beaches and walking paths. One of my favorite places to go for a short walk with incredible views is the Giant Staircase. Located off Washington Ave. The Giant Staircase is so named because of the large boulders located near the end of the path that are over lapping, creating the appearance of a staircase rising out of the sea. The Giant Staircase is a beautiful, well maintained path. A must stop while visiting Bailey Island.

Mitchell Field
is a wonderful place with so much to offer. Trails, Beach, dock, field and views. Mitch fieldis a work in progress. Soon to have a band stand.

Cedar Beach is a treasure of a beach, with its beautiful sand and great tidal pools filled with sealife.Cook’s Lobster House Beach is a sea glass lover’s paradise. You will find a little of everything as you walk along this point of land.

The Devils Back Trail

The Devils Back Trail

Harpswell Maine Hiking Trail

The Devils Back Trail is located on Orr’s Island in the town of Harpswell. A fun easy trail with deep woods full of moss and fields of ferns. Beautiful ocean views from atop the ridge and sweeping vistas as you approach the waters of the sound. While at the waters edge we enjoyed a beautiful sailboat anchored in safe harbor. Well marked and groomed trails make this a comfortable stroll for people of all ages. The trail has some nice wooden bridges that take you across  the few wet spots on the trail, adding character to this special place.

Orr's Island hiking trail in the town of Harpswell
Maine Hiking trail
Maine hiking trail with beautiful views
Maine Coast hiking trail
Hiking the deep woods of Maine
hiking the shoreline of Maine

Spoon Carving Class in Harpswell Maine


To Print a Poster Press on the link below.

2015 Spoon Carving Poster


Experience a day long class learning this hands on tradition while in Harpswell

Harpswell Maine Activities

Learn the craft of Wooden Spoon Carving in the enjoyable class in Harpswell Maine.

If you or anyone you know happen to find themselves in Harpswell for few days andlove to work with your hands, please join me in my studio for an experiential adventure

I have been running these classes for several years based on a Saturday, one day realizing that it is hard to accommodate out of town people with a specific date a class
may be running. I have received calls from people who wonder if I am running a class
when they are arriving on vacation and it is rare that those dates match up. So, I’m
offering another alternative that I hope gives those out of town people an opportunity,
especially if they find themselves facing a rainy forecast!

I need a minimum of two participants to be spontaneous in getting this together and require a 24 – 48 hour advanced notice. Also, I offer this as a week day event since weekends are harder for people to be spontaneous on.

Time: 9:30 am – 3:30 pm or when project is complete

The class focus is on getting familiar with a tool called a spokeshave. It is used to do all the preliminary outside shaping of wooden utensils. As this picture suggests, we will be making a scraping, spatular utensil. Because the hand tools used in this craft are very
sharp, safety is greatly emphasized.

Cost – $125.00 per person

Cost includes the use of all tools needed (sharpened and ready to go) as well as the material. The class supports each participant in making a completed project that is
ready to go home and be used in the kitchen.

Studio location is on Great Island in Cundy’s Harbor

To sign up call 725-9802 or email at

testimonial from class participant

“The day in the woodworking studio with Lynette was a gift all around! Lynette shared
her creative gift through her heartfelt teaching. Her depth of experience with and
feeling for the wood is truly inspiring. In the sweet atmosphere of her woodworker’s
space everyone in class gave the gift of their feedback and process to each other. I’ve
worked with wood for many years and I still marvel at how I could make such
an elegant tool out of a block of wood! The graceful form is in the heart; mine and the
wood’s, and Lynette was my guide to both for a whole wonderful day.”

To Print this so you can post it up please press this link  PRINTABLE POSTER


Celebrate Summer in Harpswell & All Year – 2013 Event Calendar
Includes: Orr’s Island, Bailey Island, Cundy’s Harbor, Great Island, Harpswell Neck

Please call ahead to confirm events even though every effort has been made to provide accurate info.

July 1-12 Sailing School: 3 hr/day, 2 wks, 8-18 yr, $325, preregister, 318-6513
July 1-26 Day Camp: 9-noon, Mon-Fri, 6-14 yr, HNPEA, Tennis, Crafts, Trips, preregister, 833-5553
July 1-29 Children’s Programs: 10am, Mondays, Orr’s Island Library, 833-7811
July 7- 8,14-15 Open Gardens: 1-5pm, Eartheart Gardens, Japanese Irises & flowers, public welcome, 833-6905
July 7-11 Watercolor Workshop w/Marjorie Glick, watercolorist: $425, preregister, 617-787-3086
July 7,14,21,28 Local History Museum: 2-4pm, Harpswell Historical Society Museum, Harp. Center, 833-6322
July 8-12 Farm Camp: 9 am-3 pm, 7-10 yr old, $200, Two Coves Farm, preregister, 373-0399
July 9 Daponte String Quartet: 7:30pm, Centennial Hall, $20 at door & online, 529,4555
July 11 Bandstand Concert: 6-8 pm, Mitchell Field Bandstand on the ocean, Rt. 123, 833-2815
July 12-14 Pottery Throwing Demo: 11 & 1pm; open: 10-6 F-Sat/10-2 Sun, Ash Cove Pottery, 833-6004
July 12-14 19th Annual “Ocean Waves” Quilt Show: 10-5 pm, Orr’s Island School House, 833-7356
July 13 Family Outing Club: fmi: Harpswell Heritage Land Trust, 833-5771
July 14 25th Anniversary Opening: 12-5 pm, Gallery at Widgeon Cove, paintings, jewelry, gifts,833-6081
July 14 2nd Sunday Celebration: 1-5pm, Guest Artists, Gun Pt Cove Gallery, 833-7303
July 15-19 Sailing School: 3 hr/day, 1 wk, 8-18 yr, $210, preregister 318-6513
July 15-19 Kayaking for Kids: 8-14 yr old, $210-$405, half/full day, H20 Outfitters, preregister, 833-5257
July 15-Sept 2 Trails Open: 10-5pm, Eagle Island State Park & Museum; $4.50,
July 16 Harpswell Heritage Land Trust Annual Mtg: 7 pm, Elijah Kellogg Church, 721-1121
July 18 Fish Chowda’ Supper: 5:30-7pm, Merriconeag Grange, Rt. 123, 751-2985
July 18 Harpswell Concert Band: 6-8 pm, Mitchell Field Bandstand on the ocean, Rt. 123, 833-2815
July 19-20 Book Sale: 11-3pm Fri; 10-1 pm Sat, Cundy’s Harbor Library, 725-1461
July 20 Sheepdog Demo: 10am, Farm Tour/Open House: 9-noon, Two Coves Farm, free, 373-0399
July 21-27 Art Show: 10-5pm, Coastal Artists, Orr’s Isl. Schoolhouse, 725-1479
July 22-26 Kayaking for Kids: 8-14 yr old, $210-$405, H20 Outfitters, preregister, FULL, 833-5257
July 22-26 Farm Camp: 9-3 pm, 10-13 yr olds, $200, Two Coves Farm, preregister, 373-0399
July 22-26 Sailing School: 3 hr/day, 1 wk, 8-18 yr, $210, preregister, 318-6513
July 22-27 75th Fishing Tournament: Cook’s Lobster House, Bailey Island, all ages, 833-2818
July 23 Sunset Cruise: 6-8:30 pm, HHLT benefit, $50, at Dolphin Marina, reservations, 721-1121
July 23 Daponte String Quartet: 7:30 pm, Centennial Hall, $20 at door & online, 529-4555
July 25 Cul de Sox Concert: 6-8 pm, Mitchell Field Bandstand on the ocean, Rt. 123, 833-2815
July 27 Mingo Country Fair: 10-2pm, lunch/crafts/bake sale/white elephant, Library Hall, 833-2332
July 27 Chicken BBQ: 5-7 pm, Elijah Kellogg Church, Rt. 123, rain or shine, $10, kids less, 725-2881
July 28 Open House: 1-5pm, Cpt. Morrill’s House, Art Exhibits, Memorial Garden, Orr’s Island 833-6640
July 28 Lobster Boat Races: 10-1 pm, view from Mitchell Field or Middle Bay, Rt. 123, 751-2353
July 28 Local History Museum: 2-4pm, Harps. Historical Society Museum, Harp. Center, 833-6322
July 28-Aug 6 One Woman Show; Jan Roberson: 10-5pm, Orr’s Island Schoolhouse, 725-1479
July 29-Aug 9 Sailing School: 3 hr/day, 2 wks, 8-18 yr old, $355, preregister,, 318-6513
Aug 1 Merry Meeting Concert Band: 6-8 pm, Mitchell Field at the ocean, Rt. 123, 833-2332
Aug 2 Ice Cream Social: Cundy’s Harbor Days, Holbrook’s Wharf, 725-7770
Aug 2-4 One Act Comedies: 7:30 pm F, Sat/ 2 pm Sun, $5, Comm. Theater, Centennial Hall, 833-6260
Aug 3 Pancake Breakfast: 8-10:30 am, Merriconeag Grange, Rt. 123, $8, kids free, 751-2985
Aug 3 Sheepdog Demo: 10am, Farm Tour/Open House: 9-noon, Two Coves Farm, free, 373-0399
Aug 3 Lobster Lunch/Fair: 10-2 pm, Harpswell Neck Fire Dept, Fire/Rescue Aux, Rt.123, 833-6318
Aug 3 Fisherman Rd Race, Lobster Crate Race, lobster rolls, Cundys Harb Days, 725-7770, 729-6709
Aug 3 Bean Hole Supper: 5-7pm, H. Scouting Assoc. traditional dug pit, $12, Mitchell Field, 833-6715
Aug 3-4 40th Anniversary Pottery Demo, 11,1 & 3 pm, benefit H. Coastal A, Ash Cove Pottery, 833-6004
Aug 3,17,31 Complete Brkfst, Homemade Donuts: 8 -10:30 am, $8, kids free, O.I. Methodist Ch, 725-0417
Aug 4 Bless the Fleet: Cundy’s Harbor Days, Holbrook’s Wharf, 725-7770
Aug 4,11,18,25 Local History Museum: 2-4pm, H. Historical Society Museum, Harp. Center, 833-6322
Aug 5-9 Kayaking for Kids: 8-14 yr olds, $210-$405, H20 Outfitters, preregister, 833-5257
Aug 5-9 Farm Camp: 9-12 pm, 4-6 yr old, $155, Two Coves Farm, preregister, 373-0399
Aug 5-9 Vacation Bible School: Kellogg Church, 9-noon, Harpswell Center, Rt. 123, 833-6026
Aug 6 Daponte String Quartet: 7:30 pm, Centennial Hall, $20 at door & online, 529-4555
Aug 7-10 Book Sale: 10-2pm, benefit Orr’s Island Library, follow signs for Lowell’s Cove, 833-7811
Aug 8 Novel Jazz Concert: 6-8 pm, Mitchell Field Bandstand at the ocean, Rt. 123, 833-2815
Aug 8 Child/Youth Literature Lecture; Dr. Watson: 7 pm, Orr’s Island Library, 833-7811
Aug 9-11 68th Annual Harpswell Art Show: 2-5 pm, Historic Centennial Hall, Rt. 123, 833-6260
Aug 10 Yard Sale/Silent Auction: 8-2 pm, Orr’s Island Fire Dept. Rt. 24, 833-5199
Aug 10 Family Outing Club: fmi: Harpswell Heritage Land Trust, 833-5771
Aug 10 Public Supper: 5-7pm, Kellogg Church, Harpswell Center, Route 123, 207-833-6026
Aug 11 Live Auction: bidding 10 am, preview 8 am, benefit Orr’s Island Schoolhouse. 833-5199
Aug 11 2nd Sunday Celebration: 1-5 pm, Guest Artists, Gun Pt Cove Gallery, 833-7303
Aug 11-26 One Woman Show; Jan Roberson: 10-5pm, Library Hall, Bailey Island, 725-1479
Aug 12-16 Sailing School: 3 hr/day, 1wk, 8-18 yr, $210, preregister 318-6513
Aug 15 Bath Swing Band: 6-8 pm, Mitchell Field Bandstand at the ocean, Rt. 123, 833-2815
Aug 17 Anything Yard Sale & Bake Sale: 10- 2pm, Merriconeag Grange, Rt. 123, 751-2985
Aug 17 Shore Dinner: 4-8 pm, to benefit: H. Coastal Academy, $25, Mitchell Field, register, 233-6125
Aug 18-24 Merrymeeting Arts Show: 10 – 5 pm, Library Hall, Bailey Island, 725-1479
Aug 19-23 Farm Camp: 9-3 pm, 7-10 yrs, $200, Two Coves Farm, Neil’s Pt. Rd, preregister, 373-0399
Aug 22 Fish Chowda’ Supper: 6 pm, Merriconeag Grange, Rt. 123, 751-2985
Aug 22 Moose Mtn Jazz Concert: 6-8 pm, Mitchell Field Bandstand at the ocean, Rt. 123, 833-2815
Aug 24 Sheepdog Demo:10am, Farm Tour/Open House: 9-noon, Two Coves Farm, free, 373-0399
Aug 25 Open House: 1-5pm, Art & Photo Exhibit, Memorial Garden, Cpt. Morrill’s House, 833-6640
Aug 29 Harpswell Concert Band: 6-8 pm, Mitchell Field Bandstand on the ocean, Rt.123, 833-2815
Aug 31 Sheepdog Demo:10am, Farm Tour/Open House: 9-noon, Two Coves Farm, free, 373-0399
Aug 31 *Fireworks *: 8 pm; 4 pm potluck; 6 pm DJ/music, Mitchell Field, Rt. 123, 833-5565
Sept 1,8,15,22,29 Local History: 2-4pm, Harpswell Historical Society Museum, Harp. Center, 833-6322
Sept 2 Community Breakfast: 7:30 -10 am, Holbrook’s Wharf, 729-6709
Sept 5 Antique Postcard Lecture; J. Webster: 7 pm, Orr’s Island Library, 833-7811
Sept 7 Pancake Breakfast: 8-10:30 am, Merriconeag Grange, Rt. 123, $8, kids free, 751-2985
Sept 8 2nd Sunday Celebration: 1-5pm, Guest Artists, Gun Pt Cove Gallery, 833-7303
Sept 14, 28 Complete Brkfst, Homemade Donuts: 8-10:30am, $8, kids free, O.I. Methodist Ch, 725-0417
Sept 21-28 Coastal Clean Up Week: Sat – Sat, register in July, fmi: 287-2351
Sept 28 Silent Auction/Dinner/Dancing: 6 pm, Orr’s Isl Schoolhouse, benefit Puppy Love, 833-5199
Sept 29 Apple Festival: 12-3 pm, Merriconeag Grange, kid fun activities, contests, bonfire, 751-2985
Oct 3 Open Mic/Poetry Reading: 7 pm. Orr’s Island Library, 833-7811
Oct 5 Pancake Breakfast: 8-10:30am, Merriconeag Grange, Rt. 123, $8, kids free, 751-2985
Oct 5 Maine Crafts Saturday/Pottery Demo: 10-6 pm, benefit HC Academy, Ash Cove Pottery, 833-6004
Oct 6,13 Local History Museum: 2-4pm, Harpswell Historical Society Museum, Harp. Center, 833-6322
Oct 13 2nd Sunday Celebration: 1-5pm, Guest Artists, Gun Pt Cove Gallery, 833-7303
Oct 13-16 Quilt Retreat: Harpswell Inn, $520, register,, 833-5665
Late Oct Halloween Happenings: 6:30 pm, Old Town Mtg House, Harpswell Ctr, Rt. 123, 833-6322
Nov 2 Christmas by the Sea Fair: 9 – 2 pm, Kellogg Church, luncheon, 833-6246
Nov 7 Photographer’s Preview; Steve Black: 7 pm, Orr’s Island Library, 833-7811
Nov 20 Pancake Breakfast: 8 -10:30am, Merriconeag Grange, $8, kids less, 751-2985
Nov 23-24 Kiln Opening & Holiday Open House, 10-4pm, Ash Cove Pottery, refreshments, 833-6004
Nov 23-24 Holiday Open House, 10-4, Gallery at Widgeon Cove, Xmas gifts, refreshments, 833-6081
Early Dec Christmas Tree sale: Harpswell Scouting Assoc, Harps. Center, Rte. 123, 833-2872
Early Dec Christmas Tree Lighting, 5:30pm, Centennial Hall, merriment, refreshments, 833-6322
Dec 5 Hearthside Public Sing-along: 7 pm, Orr’s Island Library, 833-7811
Dec 7 Pancake Breakfast: 8 -10:30 am, Merriconeag Grange, $8, kids less, 751-2985
Dec 8 Christmas Vespers: 2pm, East Harpswell Baptist Church, 725-4242
Dec 11 Christmas Party/Food Drive: 6:30 pm, Harpswell Inn, Harpswell Business Assoc, 833-5509
Dec 14 Christmas Party: 6pm, Merriconeag Grange, Rt. 123, 751-2985

Contact: Harpswell Business Assoc: for inclusion in next yr’s Calendar

Sunday July 14th from 1pm to 5pm at the Gun Point Gallery will feature the works of  Tom Jones.

Press the link for a printable poster. >Gun Cove Open House

Good day everyone. Please click on this link for your June News letter HBA News for June

Have a great day and thank you for belonging to the HBA.

The Harpswell Business Association April member meeting, held at the Dolphin Marina Restaurant, notes are here. HARPSWELL BUSINESS ASSOCIATION APR MTG  Press on the link to read and you may also print for your records.