Annual Meeting

March 13, 2013

Harpswell Inn


Present: Dick Mosley, Harpswell Inn; Donna McNelly, Sea Escape Cottages, Tevake Sailing Charters; Alison Prince, Salt Cod Café; Donna Dillman, Captain’s Watch B&B & Sailing Charters; Roland Weeman, Post 171 American Legion; Peter Boisvert, Cook’s Lobster House; Roy Tassinari, Maine Tourism Assoc.; Mary Tassinari, Bellevue by the Sea B&B; Gail Kass, Ash Cove Pottery; Dan MacMahon, Shepard Financial; Julie McLeod, Harpswell Heritage Land Trust; Hannah C. Beattie, Hatch Antiques, Vintage, & Gifts; Chip Black, Bailey Island Motel; Susan Horowitz, Ash Cove Pottery; Condon & Georgeann Kuhl, Gallery at Widgeon Cove; Susanne & Douglas Bane, Gun Point Cove Gallery; Betty Robbins, Seaside Creations; John Boomer, Harpswell Heritage Trust; Ron Davis, Davis Piano Works; Tom Ring, Atlantic Seal Cruises; Deborah Cornish, Harpswell Neck Physical Ed (HNPEA); Deb Wolfenden, Common Table B&B & Event Ctr; Tom Burrows, Marine Handyman; Kelly Dorsey, Androscoggin Bank



6-7pm Potluck dinner/Meet & Greet


7:05pm Call to order


Welcome by President Dick Mosley

  • Purpose of HBA read
  • New members welcomed
  • Personal introduction by those present


7:25pm Guest speaker Julia McLeod, Harpswell Heritage Land Trust

  • Discussed      purpose and projects they are involved in.
    • Promote
    • Purchase
    • Educate
    • Cooperative       Projects
      • Harpswell        Family Outing Club, Second Sat of Month
      • 7/15-19,        2013 ½ Day Nature Day Camp 2nd-6th grades $75
      • Suggestions        was made for projects with HNPEA


7:45 pm Annual Meeting

  • General      information
    • Coastal       Academy has been approved
    • Susan       Carlson’s new Quilting Shop, which replaces the Yurt is almost finished.
    • AAA       show in Mass SMMCC handing out thousands of plastic bags with HBA logo       centrally located with Harpswell map inside
    • Harpswell       Billboard will be made and put up at the Train Station
    • John       Halpin, Vice President; Kristi Eiane, Town Administrator; Bob Hutchins       and Gail Kass have been working on issues which involve the Town and       local business through the Economic Development Committee.
    • There       will be no Harpswell Festival this year instead there will be a Community       Potluck on August 31st @ 4pm, DJ & Dancing @ 6pm and       Fireworks @ 8pm at Mitchell Field sponsored by the Festival Committee
  • Board      of Directors Reports
    • Dick       Mosley, President
      • Discussed        membership and how it relates to budget to be voted on
      • 6        new members
      • Some        members have not yet paid their dues.
    • Deb       Wolfenden, Treasurer
      • April        1 deadline for dues
      • Treasurer’s        Report presented 2/28/13 balance $3137.32
      • Only        dues paying members appear on Harpswell Map & Guide
    • Gail       Kass, Marketing
      • Shared        Coop Ads HBA members have participated in
        • Maine         Invites You
        • Allure         of the Coast
      • There        is a mention in the next Maine Home magazine
      • Continuing        work is being done with the Town of Harpswell Economic Development        Committee
      • Ongoing        planning with town for ATM at Town Hall
      • Ongoing        development of strategically placed kiosks
      • Working        with State of Maine to get Highway sign on 295 indicating Harpswell,        Bailey Island, Orr’s Island, Cundy’s Harbor exit
    • Peter       Boisvert, Web Master
      • Work        is ongoing on the HBA website with additions and corrections following        this years membership sign up
      • Looking for a volunteer that would be        willing to do a monthly newsletter which Peter can post on Facebook and        the Web
      • Cook’s        Lobster House has provided Bailey Island Fireworks each July 5. This        year there is a call out for co sponsors.
        • Peter         is drafting a letter to town economic dev. comm. for support
        • Sponsorships         are graduated according to donation.
        • Includes         marketing for sponsors
        • Want         to make it an all day event for Harpswell
        • 11-2         On Garrison Cove for HBA businesses walk thru ??
        • Anyone         who would like to use point welcome excluding food purveyors
        • Encouraged         events during the day anywhere in Harpswell
        • 8:45         pm – 9:45 pm Boat parade
        • 10         pm fireworks
    • Roy       Tassinari , Maine State Tourism
      • The        State is discussing cutting tourism money from the budget
      • Ray        will keep us updated
    • John       Halpin, Vice President, Southern Maine Midcoast Chamber of Commerce       (SMMCC) liaison     Absent
    • Doug       Bane   Absent


Membership Action:

  • Meeting      Schedule
    • Discussion       as to whether the meeting schedule should be changed to bimonthly or       quarterly. The schedule would not meet in July or August. December Christmas       party. Understood that there would be varying attendance.
    • It       was moved and seconded that the meeting schedule stay as now exists with       monthly meetings excluding July & Aug. With Board of Directors       meeting to be help 1 week prior to membership meeting.
    • Passed       by majority
  • Annual      Budget
    • Presented       by Dick Mosley
    • No       money need be allocated for Harpswell Festival
    • There       is Town money that will be requested
    • Discussion  Concern was voiced about counting on       money not guaranteed at this time.
    • Passed       by majority
  • Nominating      Committee
    • By-laws       indicate that there can be 9 people on the Board of Directors
    • Currently       there are 6: Dick Mosley, Deb Wolfenden, Gail Kass, Roy Tassinari, John       Halpin, Doug Bane
    • Nominations       are Donna McNelly, Alison Prince, & Dan MacMahon
    • Further       nominations were sought from the floor. None heard.
    • Donna,       Alison, and Dan were unanimously approved by the general membership for       minimum of 1 year term
    • Peter       Boisvert was recognized by the board for his service of maintaining the       web


  • New      Business:
    • SMMCC       Business 2 Business Expo: March 27 3-5 pm, 5-7 pm for Chamber after       Hours. Need volunteers to man HBA       table during those hours. Event includes all area chambers and       associations. Good chance to get your word out.
    • HBA       and Town of Harpswell will host SMMC Chamber After Hours on June 26, 5-7       pm. Food and location plans need       to be made.
    • Get       any information re: Harpswell       Calendar Events for 2013 printed poster to Gail Kass ASAP.
    • Map       Committee prep for printing. Needs to be done by mid April. Alison Prince, Gail Kass, and Donna       McNelly volunteered again this year.
    • Remember that April 1 is last chance       to recruit new members if they want to be on the map. Please get info and       check to Dick Mosley ASAP
    • Please check your listing on HBA web       site for additions or corrections


Next Directors Meeting:  April 4 6:30 pm at Sea Escape Cottages, Bailey Island

Next Full Membership Meeting: April 10th 6:30 pm Meet & Greet, 7 pm Meeting at the Dolphin Marina Restaurant


8:45 pm Meeting Adjourned


Respectfully submitted Donna McNelly, Sea Escape Cottages & Tevake Sailing Charters, HBA Secretary

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